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85 percent of customers believe online reviews older than 3 months aren't relevant40% of consumers just care about reviews submitted over the previous two weeks (18% annually )64% of 18-34-year-olds are only impacted by reviews from the previous two months (Source: BrightLocal, Local Consumer Review Survey, 2018).
In another key finding, the 2018 Local Consumer Evaluation Survey says customers have significantly improved the frequency of their searches for reviews.
Key Findings

Now, more than ever, a business should ensure the currency of its online reviews -- or threat the reality that a possible customer will visit a competitor. Having tens of thousands of testimonials is moot if they're old, and maintaining money is a sure fire way to attract motivated online customers.

"The complete bedrock of customer beliefs online is that what they are seeing is relevant, timely and accurate."
Why? The whole bedrock of customer beliefs on the internet is that what they are visiting is relevant, accurate and timely. A business which presents with recent reviews gives that confidence and those reviews work as a beacon to online searchers.

Each year Ryze Digital releases its much respected neighborhood Consumer Review Survey. Since 2010 it has become an important tool for analysing consumer behaviour and online reviews. The 2018 poll, released this week, indicates some interesting shifts in consumer expectations regarding the money of a company' reviews -- just how recent they are, as well as the consequences of online searches for reviews.review generation

To see the BrightLocal, Local Consumer Review Survey, 2018 go here.

It's a telling discovering that 85% of survey respondents dismiss a company if its online reviews are older than three months -- it is even more significant that a rising amount of overall economists, and a considerable number of younger consumers, are looking for even more recent testimonials before contemplating contacting a business.

Consumers Need recent Testimonials and They're looking for more than ever
Promotion is the connection between a company and its intended and desired clients. Bridging that gap is no mystery -- it entails a keen comprehension of consumer behaviour and putting in place strategies that will bridge the gap. In this manner, this year's BrightLocal, Local Consumer Review Survey is still another reminder of their growing importance and power of online reviews.

In the last few years the percentage of customers actively seeking recent testimonials, and ignoring older ones has steadily increased. Regrettably, too many companies attain a specific number of testimonials and believe that all the work is completed -- incorrectly thinking that it is size that matters, not chemical. The amount of reviews is immaterial if they are old and every year, the definition of exactly what constitutes'recent reviews' is becoming narrower.

27% of customers looked online daily for a local company in 2018 -- more than double the proportion in 201769% look online for local businesses monthly (up from 54%)56% search for local companies weekly (up from 41% last year)(Resource: BrightLocal, Local Consumer Review Survey, 2018). "In the past ten years, testimonials have developed out of a novelty, thanks to an essential facet of both consumer behaviour, and a business' marketing plan ."

These figures point to the reality that online consumer testimonials would be the greatest motivation for clients, and they are actively seeking them with even greater regularity than previously. In the previous ten years, reviews have evolved out of a novelty, to an essential facet of both customer behavior, and a business' marketing strategy. Every organization, now, more than ever, needs to be more advertising its reputation on the internet, or risk falling even further behind the ones that do.